About Josh

Josh Goldberg

Josh Goldberg has been working on the “Longmont Story” for the past ten years. As the Community and Events Manager for Left Hand Brewing Company, Josh has been committed to elevating Longmont’s presence on the Front Range by inspiring community engagement through a variety of large-scale events and fundraisers.

“I love Longmont. My wife and I made a great choice moving here over a decade ago. We have two beautiful 3-year-old daughters and feel blessed to have the ability to raise our girls in our vibrant community.”


Goldberg currently serves on the Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission (since 2012) and the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce Board (since 2013) and served on the Visit Longmont Board of Directors from 2010-2011. Joshua graduated the Leadership Longmont program in 2009, was elected as one of Boulder Valley’s Top 40 Under 40 Young Professionals in 2016 and has served on the Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy Committee since 2008 (Chairman in 2011).

“To this day, joining the Left Hand Brewing family in 2007 remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Developing and working with our volunteer team of moms, dads and unusually committed people to execute our community-building events has been one of the joys of my life. Together, we’ve raised over $600,000 for area nonprofits, generated over $500,000 in corporate support and activated over 90,000 people to experience Longmont’s culture.” Goldberg said.

Goldberg said he understands issues the City Council is facing and looks forward to working with members of the community and fellow Councilmembers to maintain the City’s good works and facing the City’s challenges.  Some of those challenges include securing a robust & healthy economy with attractive job opportunities, creating accessible housing for all, securing water for the future, addressing our homelessness and transient community challenges, implementing our new comprehensive plan, advancing an effective transportation plan that provides connectivity throughout Longmont, and more.

“Serving on Planning & Zoning has been an incredibly valuable and humbling experience. Sitting behind the dais with 6 other commissioners, often late into the night, frequently with a room full of folks that don’t agree on what is right and yet giving all you got to make the right decisions for the town we love, is deeply rewarding and I see City Council as the next opportunity to give back.” Goldberg said.



I have known Josh for years now, and everyone who knows Josh, loves Josh. He is kind, considerate, and thoughtful, not just to his friends, but to everyone. Josh’s name has become synonymous with Longmont’s most successful non-profit charitable events and fundraisers. I can think of few people who possess Josh’s heart and passion for their community. Moreover, Josh has the knowledge and experience necessary to confront the many economic and political challenges Longmont faces. His years of service as a Longmont planning and zoning commissioner, as well as his work to enhance Longmont’s business community, make Josh Goldberg well suited to represent Longmont as its Ward 1 city councilmember.

I fully support Josh Goldberg for City Council Ward 1. Josh has been heavily involved in many local and regional charity fund raisers over the last 6 years that I have known him. I can not think of anyone who has built more social capitol in our City of Longmont than Josh Goldberg.
        Josh has also served on the planning and zoning commission for the last couple of years and I have been very impressed by the decisions he has made on that very important board. Josh truely loves Longmont and he will make an excellent City Council member.

Josh is just the type of young, innovative thinker Longmont needs for the future. He has served Longmont well on Planning & Zoning, paying his dues to be in the right place at the right time for Longmont.

I was very excited to hear that Josh Goldberg is running for City Council in Ward 1 to replace Brian Bagley for the remainder of Bagley's Ward 1 term. I remember having a very positive experience with Josh on the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directores as well as on the Public Policy Committee for the Chamber.
        Josh always Studies an issue, considers all sides to a potential conflict, and offered respectful and valuable input. He is a forward thinker and brings forth innovative ideas. My only regret is that I do not live in Ward 1 so I can support Josh as I think he will be an incredible asset to the City Council. I encourage all of you in Ward 1 to vote for Josh Goldberg!

My friend, Josh is running for the City Council vacancy. I have had the honor of serving with him on the Planning and Zoning Board for 4 years. He has shown the ability to consider all sides and do what is best for Longmont. I give my full support for him and ask my friends who live in Ward 1 to vote for him.

I'm proud to endorse Josh Goldberg for the Ward 1 City Council seat. Josh has been a driving force in our community for years. Working with Left Hand Brewery and volunteering on multiple boards for City Council in the past has given Josh a great perspective on the needs of our town and it's helped him craft his own vision of where we need to go in the future. He's a great team player and will serve Longmont well.

What can you say about Josh Goldberg that does justice for the kind of caring, genuine, selfless person that he is? He is one of the most considerate individuals I have ever met and he embodies the spirit of helpfulness that makes the Longmont and craft beer communities as special as they are.

I know few people who are as passionate about Longmont as Josh. He's dedicated to making Longmont the "raddest" place in America. I'm grateful to Josh and his family for their willingness to serve our community.

Josh has a wonderful business mind & can look at issues from all sides.He is not one to oversimplify matters, but instead goes out of his way to make sure all sides are heard. I can think of no other that could represent our beautiful town with such eloquence and thoughtfulness.

Josh stands out as someone who can work at the intersection of the social and business sectors without comprising the interest of either. He is actively involved in the business and non-profit community and his work allows him to walk in both world each and every day.

Josh isn’t a one-side-fits all kind of guy, but an intelligent and thoughtful young man who listens first and makes up his mind second.